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Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

 Biomedical engineering is a highly cross discipline involving biomedical science and engineering disciplines. It combines the principles and methods of engineering and life science, and proposed innovative methods of biotechnology, materials, processes, equipment and information technology from the molecular to the organ level, aimed at diagnosis and treatment of disease to promote human health. We have 9 full and associate professors, one of which is Distinguished Young Scholar from NSFC. The students learn extensive multidisciplinary knowledge of both biomedical foundation and engineering methods, and their innovation abilities of practice are cultivated.


Main research areas

Biomedical Materials

Early diagnostics and treatment of diseases

Bioinformatics and biological system modeling


Training Program

Biomedical Engineering requires the students to learn the basic theoretical knowledge of life science, biomedical materials, molecular detecting technology, bioinformatics, and to take in rigorous scientific training through experiment courses, scientific research training program and practice training. The students supposed to be qualified for doing application development, research or management in biomedical enterprises or institutes after graduate. The duration of school is 4 years with the credit system. Students who are qualified can get a Bachelor degree of engineering. Students are also encouraged to participate in some research projects and skills training activities to improving their integration capability.